Hybrid Tires

Molact Tires are a hybrid type of tire that doesn’t rely on air pressure for structural integrity. Using innovative technology and design, Molact Tires seek to expand their technology for worldwide use. Whether you are worried about a sustainable future for our earth, or are more interested in advancing energy efficient ways to travel, Molact Tires could be the right investment for you. Molact Tires were developed to withstand harsh environments and still provide information as well. Molact Tires can provide information to AI programs & remote monitoring facilities as well!

Renewable & Reactive Framework

"Normally, 80% of a tire is no longer used at the end-of-life stage"

-Tire Technology International

How It Started

In late 2016, Matthew J Brax decided to travel the United States of America and eventually settled in the great state of Colorado. After numerous tire problems while traveling the country, he was sure that there had to be a better way to make tires. One day in a store, the artist was looking at car magazines on a shelf. He noticed the shelf swayed back and forth, but was still strong & flexible. Remembering the legend of Jenney, an engineer he heard about while kayaking the Chicago river, the answers started forming. Legend has it that Jenny solved the problem of burning buildings after the Great Chicago Fire. He first suspected that an iron skeleton could hold up a building when Jenney saw his wife place a heavy book on top of a small birdcage. For years after, Brax would research and develop prototypes and continue his work throughout the pandemic.


The Home Insurance Building weighed only a third as much as it would have in stone. Photograph: Corbis

For obvious reasons, when the New York Home Insurance Company wanted a new Chicago headquarters in the city’s cleared-out downtown, they wanted it fireproofed, but they also wanted the building large. Jenney’s metal-framed design won their open contest, thanks to the fire-resistance of its materials and added protection.


Molact Tires & Reco Tech Advanced Materials

Working With Reco Tech

Reco Technology is comprised of advanced materials that help support the memory for ideal shape during different weather conditions, impacts, and more. An average of 1-2 pounds of pressure is lost or gained for every 10 degrees of temperature change. Molact Tires use Reco Tech to keep the tire at an optimal roll resistance  through hysteresis and shape memory effects.

Pneumatic Vs Hybrid

Existing Hardware

While Molact Tires & Reco Technology use advanced materials, they also use a lot of the same tools for testing and maintenance. Molact tires & Reco Tech use systems that have been tested using multiple prototypes. Molact Tires has the potential to advance the evolution of tires by lowering roll resistance through hysteresis, reactive molecules, and reactive compounds. This innovative design can even lower the weight for necessary parts and materials required.

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